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My decision to become a Realtor started when I bought my first home back in the 90s. There was such a lack of service through out the entire process that I saw a need to fill. The need was to make the Real Estate experience more human by providing top notch service to buyers and sellers. So I jumped in with both feet and earned my license. Right from the start I began with a whole new style by being a hands on Realtor. I always try to keep the experience upbeat and fun whenever possible. Professionalism is also key, blending the 2 works very well and I feel personal service makes my client's happy and comfortable. I want to enjoy the experience too and when the big day comes and my folks reach their Real Estate goal it is a happy day! Being a Realtor can be very rewarding. Negotiating for my clients is essential to a happy outcome. I have strong negotiating skills from my years in the industry but my background is where it began.. My previous experience is with a local utility, I was there 21 years. The customer service experience and training is something that is not commonly found in today's world. I worked with people daily and I also negotiated for my fellow employees, this is where I developed my early negotiating skills. Now that I am a Realtor I have sharpened my skills and I find that gratifying. My clients thank me for working hard for them. I hope you select me as your Realtor so I can also help you reach your Real Estate goals.


Sue Bechtel

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Nothing makes us happier than seeing my client's fully realize their real estate goals.

"Sabrina was an amazing realtor. She is extremely knowledge about the real estate market here in the Treasure Valley and provided keen insights into the buying process. Additionally, she was always available for questions and to show houses no matter the day. I would 100% recommend her for anyone andRead MoreRead Less
"Ben was the best realtor I could work with, he made the selling experience easy. He went out of his way to answer any question I had. He was knowledgable, experienced, and was super quick to respond to any questions, or concerns that I had. I can't say enough good things about Ben. If you are lookinRead MoreRead Less
"Shirley is very familiar with the neighborhood where the home is located and her details of recent sales were helpful in setting a price that grabbed attention. Also, she was patient with some tricky details regarding the house being held by a trust. The stager Shirley hired did a wonderful job and Read MoreRead Less