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I think housing is a human right, redlining still happens, and Realtors that say Real Estate is their life are weird. I see the same 5 home styles made repeatedly and it feels like an episode of the Twilight Zone. I've seen astronomical price increases, heard horror stories about client treatment. Real Estate in itself needs to be improved, and even though it may seem like I think poorly of my profession, that is why I'm still in it. I want to be the one batting for my clients, everyone loves an underdog. When I say I'm passionate about people, I'm passionate about protecting my clients and doing what is in their best interest. I'm passionate about raising the bar in the industry. I'm passionate about learning what Realtors did wrong in the past, why it happened, and making sure we don't repeat history. I am proud to be part of a small network that is held to a higher standard. I won't be the one to say 'it's always a good time to buy, or sell'. I'm Pro-Not Spamming People. About 99% of my clients are referred over to me, because I'm here when they need me, and I'll still support them if they choose to go with a different Realtor. And if it doesn't work out, I'll still be happy to work with them. And if you thought it's a good time to buy or sell, and change your mind for the next year, that's ok too! I will help anyone that asks, even if it's just a question. Let's talk about what you need any why, communication is key. 🗝 I will be your teacher, therapist, translator, negotiator, and the biggest supporter! (For legal reasons, this was to add dramatic effect, I'm just a licensed Realtor)


Aida Sarajlija

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"Sabrina was an amazing realtor. She is extremely knowledge about the real estate market here in the Treasure Valley and provided keen insights into the buying process. Additionally, she was always available for questions and to show houses no matter the day. I would 100% recommend her for anyone andRead MoreRead Less
"Ben was the best realtor I could work with, he made the selling experience easy. He went out of his way to answer any question I had. He was knowledgable, experienced, and was super quick to respond to any questions, or concerns that I had. I can't say enough good things about Ben. If you are lookinRead MoreRead Less
"Shirley is very familiar with the neighborhood where the home is located and her details of recent sales were helpful in setting a price that grabbed attention. Also, she was patient with some tricky details regarding the house being held by a trust. The stager Shirley hired did a wonderful job and Read MoreRead Less